Our service is connected with FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) technology, with which the Internet service reaches not only the building, but directly to the points of use with fiber optic technology. The advantage of our service is the speed of deployment, its technological independence, and the symmetrical design of usable bandwidths. The client-side transfer interface of the FiberPlus service is FastEthernet. Internet access via the PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) protocol requires name/password-based identification, which is built into modern operating systems and broadband routers.

In terms of its technical parameters, a service that provides broadband quality with the following guarantees:

  • Symmetrical bandwidth (same upload and download speed): 10-500 Mbps
  • Unlimited internet access,
  • Annual availability: 98%,
  • Domestic bandwidth guarantee: 50%.

Furthermore we recommend the following services:

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Thank you for your interest!