Our service is a full-fledged alternative telephone service, the basis of which is provided by Voice over IP technology, which is already widely used today. Voice communication is transmitted in data packets via the existing Internet connection. The advantage of the technology is that it ensures the transmission of sound to any part of the world in a cost-effective manner without the need for a fixed line. In addition to its use, significant savings can also be achieved in the case of international, domestic long-distance and mobile calls.

The VoiceNet service can be used not only with our company's Internet access, the system operates through a connection provided by any Internet service provider.

Both companies and individuals can subscribe to our VoiceNet service. The subscription requires the conclusion of an individual subscriber contract. The term of the contract is basically indefinite, but it is also possible to undertake a loyalty period of one or two years, for which we give a credit of 3% or 6% of the total amount of the invoice.

When ordering the VoiceNet service, the basic fee in the price list is invoiced at the beginning of each month. The basic fee, as a traffic commitment, can be completely waived. If the monthly traffic exceeds the basic fee, the difference will be invoiced at the beginning of the following month, with minute fees corresponding to the fee package. The monthly fee is the combined monthly fee of all the lines used, the ability to cancel is divided between the lines if several lines are used.

Peak time is the period between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on working days, and all other periods, including weekends and public holidays, are considered off-peak. Settlement takes place from 00:00:00 on the 28th of each month to 00:00:00 on the 28th of the following month, and invoices are issued on the first of each month. Traffic is settled on a per-second basis, no connection fee is charged for calls.

  • A traditional telephone line is not required to use the service,
  • The existing phone numbers - introduced in the partner circle – can be included in the service by number porting,
  • A geographical telephone number that can be called from any telecommunications network,
  • Fully negotiable monthly fees,
  • Additional discounts depending on the size of the monthly fee and the duration of the contract,
  • No switching fee, billing per second,
  • With its use, the costs of wired communication are reduced by an average of 30-40%, if a company PBX is involved, the investment costs of the one-time device for switching to IP communication will be repaid within 2-4 months,
  • Continuous online monitoring of traffic through the online customer service,
  • On-line detailed invoice.

Thank you for your interest!