With registration, you can have your own e-mail address, several at the same time, which will never change, it will remain your property forever, you will have more space for your older emails and you can even have your own website! Your old e-mail address will not be affected by the new domain! What's more, all of this can now be yours for less!

ActivCom Kft. also provides domain registration and maintenance to existing and future customers.

Based on the order of our customers, we register the desired Internet domain name and take care of its maintenance. Our high-performance Internet server can maintain thousands of domains at the same time 24 hours a day.

You can choose from the following domains: .hu, .eu, .com, .info

Do you want your own e-mail address, which is completely independent of service providers and remains yours forever? Domain registration is also a solution for this and you can choose as many e-mail accounts as you want!

Domain price list

domain registration maintenance
.hu domain 4 380 Ft + VAT (2 years) 2 840 Ft + VAT
.eu domain 3 430 Ft + VAT 3 430 Ft + VAT
.com, domain 6 710 Ft + VAT 6 710 Ft + VAT
.info domain 11 430 Ft + VAT 11 430 Ft + VAT

 The prices apply for one year, except for the new registration of the .hu domain, which applies for 2 years.

The rate of VAT is 27%.

Thank you for your interest!