The service is a high-quality occasional Internet service, typically during major events, cultural programs, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, on-site film shoots anywhere in the country, whether it is the largest outdoor festival in Central and Eastern Europe. The set-up is flexible, fast and cost-effective, and our task is to operate and supervise the service during the event.

The RendezNet service features:

  • Occasionally: only when needed, in any area of the country
  • Flexible: free on-site survey, quick construction and dismantling
  • Securely: outstanding availability and bandwidth guarantee, redundant solutions, non-stop on-site service
  • Demanding: building according to demand, both indoors and outdoors, with one or more end points
  • In particular: providing a broadband Internet connection even in extreme conditions

Does your company need reliable Internet at your exhibition stand?
Do you want stable Internet use at your event?
Do you want to broadcast the event on a webcam?
Would you run a casual internet cafe?

The RendezNet service can be implemented both indoors and outdoors. No on-site infrastructure is required for its construction, we deliver broadband Internet anywhere, even in extreme conditions.

Depending on the needs and technical conditions, the construction can be done basically in two ways:

  • Single-point transfer: a solution generally recommended for Internet broadcasts, when a single, high-bandwidth endpoint is built
  • Multi-point transfer: establishment of several connections, each with a smaller bandwidth, for example to create occasional internet cafes or hot-spots.

We undertake to serve unique needs, for example the construction of internal data transmission solutions at the same time as the above. Thanks to our network, we can set up the Internet endpoints within a short period of time, which we manage for the entire duration of the event and then dismantle at the end of the event.

Step-by-step ordering and installation:

  1. Free technical survey. During the technical survey, we assess the location from the point of view of radio technology, device placement, energy supply and cabling. During the evaluation of the results of the survey, we analyze the situation and plan the system to be established, taking into account the local characteristics and regulations. In this phase, it is decided whether the service can be established at the given location or not.
  2. We inform our customers about the results of the survey and the conclusion of the contract can begin.
  3. After concluding the contract, we will start the installation at the agreed time, i.e. we will install the devices, install the cabling and set all the necessary operating parameters in our system.
  4. The handover of the working connection takes place, during which our customers test the operation of the system.

Subscription information

Ordering the RendezNet service is always preceded by a technical survey, which we undertake free of charge. After evaluating the results of the free survey, the contract is concluded for the establishment of a system designed based on individual needs.

Only companies can subscribe to our RendezNet service. The subscription requires the conclusion of an occasional internet service contract. The term of the contract is for a fixed period, for the duration of the event, and expires at the end of the event. The contract must be signed by persons authorized to sign the company on both sides, which we ask to be verified by attaching a copy of the signature address.

Payment for the services is due in cash after installation and testing, but before the start of the event.

Individual offer on request:

The implementation of the RendezNet service is tailored to individual needs in each case, and our sales representatives and technical colleagues assess the IT needs of the event in a personal consultation.

Other conditions

Before preparing our offer, we carry out a free on-site survey.

Thank you for your interest!